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Why Do We Love Documentaries?

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Our love for different cultures, art, music, design and fashion has resulted in producing several independent documentaries.

“Down in the Woods” is our tribute to Alabama blues musician, social worker and civil rights activist Willie King. “Down in the Woods” was received so well that we were nominated (the first Dutchies ever) for the prestigious American Blues Music Awards.

“You can’t get more authentic” (Het Parool)

“A loving tribute to the blues and to the ageing southern men who deserve some rightful glory before they pass on and their contributions are lost to the rest of us” (Slow Review)

In “Buying the Spirit” Haitian voodoo priest Vladimir Bernadel is on a quest to buy a new powerful spirit. Meanwhile secret voodoo society Ayan Pata offers protection against poverty and corruption.

“This powerful documentary takes us into the hidden world of voodoo practitioners and offers unique insight into a frequently misunderstood religion.” (Filmakers)

“Boxing babes”: Omsin is an 11-year old professional Thai boxer. In his young life he has already fought over 300 fights.

Joris Teepe is Holland’s most renowned jazz bassist. He lived in New York for 20 years where he worked on his successful international career. Now he has returned to Amsterdam and Visible World Films made a short film on him.