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Speak up about your cause if you want donors, volunteers and supporters. Do it in a professional way. We have 20 years of experience making promotional and educational films, photos and articles for non profit organizations. We have traveled to Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia to work in assignment for organizations such as Unicef and CARE.

Video is used increasingly today. Visible World Films specializes in videos that tell your story in a personal way.

“New York comes to Groningen” is a jazz education program that is unique outside the USA. Top musicians from New York visit the Dutch town of Groningen the year round to teach jazz to the students of the Prins Claus Conservatoire.

“When you study jazz, where would you want to be? New York, well they brought New York to Groningen!” (jazz singer Deborah Brown)

Olympic champion and goodwill ambassador Minke Booij visits Kenya for the Liliane Foundation. It is an emotional journey visiting projects and children with a handicap while lobbying for equal education for them.

A while ago we were taking a stroll through Amsterdam and we came across crates filled with fruit outside an abandoned tram station. We thought the fruit was for sale. “How much are the apples?” asked Saskia the lady who was filling the crates. “They are for free, you can just take them.” was the reply. “Do you want a cup of coffee and a piece of cake?” That was our first encounter with neighborhood participation project Blije Buren (Happy Neighbors), a few days later we decided to film the project. (Dutch only)

Record Industry is Europe’s largest vinyl pressing plant and as you might know the LP is hot again.

FoSHoL was a highly successful project initiated by CARE to alleviate poverty of farmers in Bangladesh in a sustainable way.