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Essay`s First Draft

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I would say if you’re talking about grammatical parts here and you want to make sure that you have connectors so that when you’re moving from thought to thought I wish sometimes that I saw more of those and some of this is that I see a like there’s there’s a certain flow that you want in your essay and if you don’t have a flow and I don’t know I can’t see as a reader how you’re getting from point A to point B it makes it for a difficult essay to read that would be a grammatical piece that I would say definitely use more of and use less the Sarris yes that’s very what advice do you have for students who are just beginning to brainstorm or to make their essay there we have a couple of students that are asking questions here saying I do not start um and I going back to that voice and your personality.

I would say they figure out what you want to tell us before you start writing you kind of want to start with what what is that that piece that you want to shine through is it your is it a milestone is it your personality is a little bit of both and possibly share your ideas with your friends or the people that know you well and have them help you narrow it down that’s what I would say if you have any other things I mean I think that you can do some sort of exercises beforehand like you can write a timeline of your life like milestones of your life yeah you can write out words that your friends or family would use to describe you you can write out what a typical day looks like for you so that some of maybe one of these things by writing it down and forcing yourself to really put it down on paper you you can find something that will be of interest for you to write about I think it’s really important begin before you even start gassing writing process because then you might have multiple topics that you’re really interested in that.

You want to pursue further but that maybe you can somehow fit into one of the short answer questions right so there are other opportunities within the application where you can really let certain aspects of your personality or a particular event really come across how about advice for the students who have written the draft but they’re not a hundred percent satisfied they’re not ready to submit it yet any advice for them I think it’s important to have people proofread it to get a sense you know to make sure that they’re understanding what you want to convey and if they don’t get the message that I think it’s you know you’re gonna have to go back and do more edits and have more drafts I think you need to be okay with that at a certain point that you know you’re your first draft is not going to be the final one.