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Definitions In Research Paper

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Towards the end of the paper when you have done your intellectual scaffolding but instead you’re going to describe your problem and your idea making references to related work where it makes sense in that narrative yes great right so so here’s what I suggest if you were explaining the problem and your solution to a friend on your whiteboard in your office you would probably not start with this right but you might say the first way you might think of solving this problem would be like this that’s a that’s a sort of the first obvious approach and indeed you might then say you know these guys five years ago did that you would make a big deal about it your purpose for introducing that would be as a launchpad to explain your idea right so if the criterion I think is this if it wouldn’t make sense to explain something. Learn how to make definitions with Edusson.

If you were just trying to explain it to a colleague on the whiteboard then put it in write as part of your description of your idea and and how it works right if it doesn’t really make sense if the if it is not on that most direct path your your goal is to take your readers by the most direct path to your idea of course that requires some background and every time that background mentions something that somebody else did you put a citation right so you say yes expert reader I know about that and I’m going to come back to it in more detail later don’t do much comparison at this stage just make admiring remarks about them and give a citation right because at the end you can make comparisons when they’ve seen the full glory of your idea all right so that’s a criterion use your narrative flow as the driver makes citations where they naturally and don’t otherwise there’s an I said don’t say something just because it’s vaguely in the same area got it yeah.

What like for example I wants to introduce the TM natural interaction so ok so the question is if I want to define a term like natural into a natural interaction with your example and there are several competing definitions if I was you I would I would try to avoid saying definition one natural interaction bla I would say you know purpose of this paper is to improve the way that you know people interact with computers or something and in particular so so we’re going to use natural and natural interaction in quotes to mean blah and then give your definition right and then you can say as a footnote or in brackets there are other definitions as we shall see in section 8 but I wouldn’t stop at that point to say to give a sort of a survey of the field of definitions of natural interaction because your readers are fundamentally not interested in that survey they were testing what your idea well you have the epidemic sense so forward reference to your related work section all the time.