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Storytelling is our passion. In film, photo and print. A curious mind and a love for people led to this skill that has grown over the years. Every person, every business, every organization has a story to tell. Let us be the ones to tell yours. It is our goal to tell your story in a way that is both unique and personal.


Saskia Rietmeijer and Bart Drolenga are experienced filmmakers, photographers and writers who have traveled the world to make stories for a wide variety of clients.

Phone: +31-617342587
Email: info@visibleworldfilms.com

Saskia Rietmeijer & Bart Drolenga
Saskia Rietmeijer & Bart Drolenga
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A dream has come true. We are driving on Highway 61 from Memphis to New Orleans. As a blues fan it has been my longtime wish to travel this illustrious road. The highway, made famous in the Bob… Read More

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We have been photographing wherever we traveled. From street photography to documentary photography to studio photography to images to go with stories and films. We work on both personal and commissioned projects. For four years now we have… Read More

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The logos of some of our clients….

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